Sunday, May 20, 2007

E-mail account of shooting witness

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The Moscow shooting has weighed heavy on my mind all day. Bad enough having something this senseless happen in a town where I spent more than a decade of my life. Even worse waiting hours for the release of the names of the victims. I did not know any, though slain officer Lee Newbill was a familiar face from my years around town. Mr. Newbill leaves behind a wife of 26 years and three children. Absolutely heartbreaking.

The email linked above really brings things home. I worked and played at John's Alley Tavern for years and I can't count the number of times I walked up sixth street to my apartment located less than a block from the courthouse. If this had happened another time I could easily have been the one emailing the eyewitness account to a news source.

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  2. In front of the courthouse, has been known to be a high crime area. I know someone who had a cherry equalizer/power booster stolen out of their 1979 Ford Mustang Gia (California Edition) while it sat in front of the courthouse.

  3. The Mustang was Cherry. The equalizer? Not so much. The location of the theft was, unfortunately, not in front of the courthouse. In fact the act was even more brazen, committed most likely by someone with a set much like these, as my car was parked in front of the entrance to the Moscow City Police Department.