Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Found Puppy Update

Flash, originally uploaded by thejesse.

Here is a picture I took of "Flash" earlier today. She has made amazing progress in the four days since I found her. Yesterday we took her to my nephew's birthday party. Today we took her on our semi-weekly dog drive. Today's destination was the Snake River. She had a great time following us and the dogs around on the river rocks. She did a pretty good job too considering how small she is. Today was her first time meeting our big outside dogs. She seemed to get along with them much better than with our small indoor dog, Daisy.

After our river drive we dropped her off at her new home. She will be living with a good family only a few blocks from us. We had offers from three people to take her in but we chose the closest. She and Jacob had really bonded and he was very brave in letting her go live with someone else. I think it helped that she isn't far from here and will be living with a close friend of Josh.

Healthy puppy + good home = success story!

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