Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moscow Shooting Update

This article (below) from the Casper, Wyoming contains about as complete a summary of the Moscow shooting as any article I have read. It also contains the following description of the town which is about as accurate a description as I could imagine.

A rare liberal enclave in conservative Idaho, Moscow is a classiccollege town. It has stone and brick public buildings, leafyresidential neighborhoods and a quaint downtown filled with coffeeshops and book stores. Moscow moves to the rhythms of the academicyear, and there are the usual booze-fueled weekend brawls found in anycollege town.

With Pullman and the 18,000 students of WashingtonState University just 8 miles west, the Moscow-Pullman community is anacademic oasis separated from the rest of the world by miles of rollingwheat fields.

The Palouse is truly a beautiful place to live. I often miss my years spent there and reading a description like this puts me in a particularly nostalgic mood.

Murder in Moscow

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