Tuesday, June 12, 2007


On March 6 of this year I joined last.fm. As I way of filling out my music profile I decided I would play and rate all of the music files on my computer. I have contemplated rating all of my music for some time now in order to better take advantage of the functionality of the Windows Media Player. Last night, some 1500 scrobbles later, I finished the project. All of the music files on my hard drive have been rated, deleted, or removed from my library. Whoo!
Now I can get down to the business of really teaching last.fm what my musical tastes are. The biggest hiccup I encountered was the music from other family members. My wife's in particular. Ana's entire digital music collection seems to consist of Kenny Cheseney, ABBA, REO Speedwagon, and the BeeGees. I don't hate these groups but I don't love them either and they are greatly over-represented in my last.fm profile. The boys music wasn't much of a problem. I like much of what they like. Besides much of their music is stuff their friends have burned to cd for them and the files don't contain enough info for last to scrobble them. The main exception to this was Tenacious D. I find Tenacious D entertaining and humorous. I do not, however, find them to be my sixteenth most favorite out of the 188 artists I have scrobbled on last. Even 116th would be pushing it.
I find myself babbling now so time to wrap it up.

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