Sunday, July 29, 2007

Road Blog

Road Blog, originally uploaded by thejesse.

Taken while the boys and I were on the way to see the Boise Hawks. Josh was driving. The game was very slow. Jake got sick. I had to leave after four innings to take him to a friends house because his head hurt. I got back in time for the bottom of the ninth inning. I didn't miss much. Hawks lost to the Canadians 1-3.

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  1. Looks like a good day for thermals! Nice small puffy cumulus clouds...

    Bummer that Jake got sick. Seems to be a re-occuring theme lately... We have been pretty sick here too..

  2. Yes, it has been a problem this summer. He is feeling much better today. I hope he stays that way now. Normally he is a very healthy kid. Last year he had what I consider one of the all-time top ten summers any eight year old has ever had. This summer, however, has only been so-so. In large part because of lingering illnesses. Hopefully he can rebound for a great tenth summer next year.