Thursday, March 06, 2008

Photo Blogging

In the beginning, starting on Yahoo! 360, my sole purpose for having a blog was to share pictures from my cameraphone. This worked out well for quite a while. Until last fall when I upgraded to a Windows Mobile Smartphone. My smartphone has a camera but it is not nearly as convenient to use nor is the quality the same as my old dumb phones. My Sony Ericcson had the best camera of any phone I have owned. The motorola I had before that wasn't too shaby and took some very decent VGA pictures. The picture above was taken with my Sony cameraphone not too long before I made the upgrade and cut way back on my picture taking.

I bring all of this up because cutting back on my cameraphone pictures has left me floundering for a new direction to take this blog. I find it difficult to consistantly update this space whithout having a clear focus. I am still searching for the right format and in the meantime I think I will try to use up more of my unposted cell phone photos I have collected over the past few years.
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