Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Dad started planting corn Sunday. This is a picture of our six row corn planter. The planter is vacuum operated and exceptionally accurate. The planter boxes are spaced 30 inches apart and each one holds two bags of seed or 160,000 seeds. The seeds are planted evenly spaced at a rate just over 36,000 per acre. Starting Tuesday we will begin planting with a second, eight-row, planter. The man in the picture is Luis Miranda. Luis splits time in The Big Green One with me. Tomorrow TBGO's break ends and I will begin working ground again. 350 acres are prepared for planting with about 220 acres left to till. Over the next couple of days Luis and I will finish about 100 acres then we will have a couple weeks of waiting before we can finish the remaining 120 acres. Then the irrigation season will begin.

(note: The picture is actually from the 2007 planting season but we'll keep that our little secret.)
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