Sunday, April 20, 2008

Josh and Jill Went Up the Hill

Josh and Jill Went Up the Hill, originally uploaded by thejesse.

Dinner with Josh and his girlfriend Jill. It's our first time meeting Jill.


  1. GO JOSH GO!

    (Did Jacob like her?)

  2. It was just the four of us. Jake stayed home with Josh and had a meatball sub.
    She's a nice girl but pretty intimidated by me. And Josh gave her no warning that if she went anywhere with me her picture would end up on the Internet. She was a little shocked when I posted it from right there in the restaurant.

  3. Jake stayed home with George, rather.

  4. Sometimes I wonder what my daughter will think when she realizes how much of her life is already chronicled on the Internet - although I suspect it will be considered the norm by the time she realizes what it means...