Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Looks Like Jake is Ready for Summer

This is another old picture. Taken June 12 last year but I never posted it. I would say our corn was this tall around June 27 this year. Last year the corn got an early start thanks to a warm spring. This year it is behind due to the cold spring. The norm for our area is somewhere inbetween. Jake, by the way, came up with the title for this post when I took the picture last year. Jake is Always ready for summer.

New corn photos are forthecoming.

* Note: This is a completely untouched photo taken with my old Sony Ericsson phone.

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  1. Ummmmm, that's wrong. The correct title is: "Jake Celebrates VagabondJim's 42nd Birthday!!!"

    Just showing that:

    1) I have a sharp wit and great sense of humor

    AND (or, is it?) OR

    2) It really is all about ME!


  2. Hmm, Yeah, that is what he must have said. I probably just forgot after a year.