Friday, May 25, 2007

Life with Autism

This is the sort of thing you could expect to come home and find if you had an autistic child.

It is in fact what I came home to find two days ago. On top of an old table on the front deck. Jake said he put his rock collection "in order." He's been collecting the rocks from the playground at school. That was news to me.

Putting things in order was not news. Jake is a very high functioning autistic. We don't see a whole lot of the behavior like this picture shows but it does happen. He loves to put the kitchen cupboards "in order." Many times I have come home from work and there he is, standing on the counter, putting the cupboards in order.

Life is always interesting with an autistic child around. We are lucky that he will not face some of the very difficult challenges that so many autistic individuals face every day. Life will always be difficult for Jake, still he faces every new day with a smile. Every new challenge may not get that smile but every new day does. That is why my son is also my hero.


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  1. Putting things in order around the house can be quite useful, no?