Friday, May 25, 2007

What I found today

I went out to start a pivot today and found a very young puppy. This was a quarter mile from the nearest road. I don't know how she got there but she was very weak and very thin. Callie, of course, was more than happy to take care of the pup while I drove her home.

Jake has named her "flash".

So now I am looking for a new home for an eight to ten week old puppy. I'm happy to nurse her back to health but we already have three dogs, one of which is pregnant. No dog vacancy here. If you know of someone in need of a good mutt let me know.

About the picture: The lighting is all natural. The sun was very low in the western sky, shining almost straight into the windshield after first being filtered through the trees. The lighting turned out perfect as far as I am concerned.