Thursday, November 01, 2007

Is it November?

Wow. Maybe I should make it a goal to post more than one blog entry this month.


  1. Please, don't. For if you were to, I'd be compelled to follow suit. My track record indicates I'm completely incapable of bear that burden.


  2. Have u considered twittering up? easy to toss out some sites u see, music ur listening to, quick msg from the mobile.....

  3. The problem, really, is that I haven't spent much time online the last couple of months. Been putting the marriage first for a change.
    Now that I have a smartphone I hope to start blogging directly from it. However, the camera on this phone is not as convenient to use as those on more conventional phones so I haven't been taking many new pictures.
    My PC had a major hiccup over the weekend and it scared me. Today I bought myself a new desktop and intend to turn this one over to the boys and make the new one mine all mine. Perhaps that will result in a bit more time spent online. Watch this space for evidence...

  4. It's kind of cool, btw, that ur answer was exactly 1 day later TO THE EXACT MINUTE!

  5. Damn, damn, damn. I'll eventually get to posting a triplog over at the blog. But it won't be soon -- posting the pics to Flickr comes first.