Monday, January 14, 2008

Flickr Photstream

Sunday was a slow day for my flickr photostream. Only 17 pictures viewed. This bathroom door was my most viewed photo of the day. For fun, I thought I would post a few of the Yahoo! Images search terms that lead people to my photostream today:
  • bathroom door signage
  • spiderman car
  • deer in river
  • Idaho deepest canyon
Sorry if this is boring stuff to anyone but I find Internet traffic statistics quite fascinating. At least when it pertains to my content.

Regarding this site I have no long term statistics. I get weekly statistics but I am too cheap to pay for more. If I did I am sure I would find that my most viewed entry is this one: Just a Farmer. It is viewed by someone on almost a daily basis. Multiple times on most days. For example it was viewed nine times on January tenth, two days short of two months after it was posted. Some of the search terms that lead people to it are:

  • battle of Tassafaronga
  • just a farmer
  • eulogy for my father
  • eulogy for a farmer
  • eulogy for a grandfather
  • beautiful eulogy
"Beautiful Eulogy" is, hands down, the most common search term I see leading to that page. The most interesting thing of all, which I just discovered while writing this post, is that the word "eulogy" does not appear anywhere on the page. I'll have to think about adding it. Perhaps as a tag.

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