Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cross-Blogging Goodness

Why I am an Idiot

When two photo bloggers pass in the light of day do they take a picture? The answer is yes. Unless one of them is an idiot.

A couple of weeks ago I learned that Mama E would be passing through on Monday, May 12. I immediately made plans for a meet up. Knowing I would also be taking pictures of the E family I soon came up with the title of this post. Monday came and I could not make it so we rescheduled for Friday on their return trip. Friday came and they were forced to cancel because of a sick child. However, on Friday I als received word that the MOJODAD was thinking of making a quick Saturday run through south Idaho. So my headline was still in play. Today Dan showed up, we had lunch, some great conversation, and an abbreviated tour of the farm. Even though I had my phone at hand, not one but two digital cameras in the back seat, and Dan was clicking pictures the entire time, I took not a single picture. I thereby ruined a perfectly good blog title and reinforced the fact that I am no true photographer. I always miss the big play because I get engrossed in the action of the game and forget about the camera.

To Mama E, I am sorry we missed each other twice. We will make it work next time. I hope you return trip went well. Drop me a line and let me know you made it back okay.

To Dan, thanks for coming out. It was great to finally meet you in person. I don't know if we finished a single conversation but it was great conversation. A little more time may have allowed us to complete one thought but it was certainly worthwhile. Jake says you are a nice guy and josh says you talk like me, "using lots of big words I don't understand." Have a safe trip back to Cali.

Now, it's getting super late and I am off to bed. In fact I just nodded off while typing... Not good.
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