Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Blog Post?

Oh, my poor neglected blog. So here is a post. Alas, it is not original content. Rather, it is copyrighted content which I now post here without permission. I hope I am not arrested.

Think, Think Again.
On why thinking twice may not be enough:

There is an old German folk tale in Which the Good Fairy brings a child one gift: the ability to foresee the outcome of everything she does.

It is a gift we all could use, especially when we give way to despair and decide, at all costs, to free ourselves from a situation that seems unendurable.

If we could visualize the outcome of a move such as breaking up a marriage, for example, we might not be so ready to deprive our children of a parent; we might shrink from the heavy responsibilities we'd have to meet. Above all, we would still have to contend with our own shortcomings, the very ones that may have helped bring us to the point of desperation.


If I want to make a major change which affects other lives as well, let me first consider the possible outcome. Have I really tried to examine and correct my own faults? Is there a way for me to improve my attitude? I will let the great decision wait until I have tried that!

"The truly wise solution may lie in improving myself."

- anonymous

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