Sunday, April 05, 2009

Keep Telling Yourself That

I keep telling myself I'm going to become a regular blogger again. For the first couple years after I started photo blogging I was pretty good at regular posting, managing to average one about every two days. The decline started not too long after I moved my blog here to Blogger. And it's not just blogging either. I also used to publish lots of pictures to too but I don't do much of that anymore either. 

It seems the seems to be that I now consume more content than I create whereas the opposite used to be true. I keep trying to reverse the trend but without success. The ironic thing is, I think I am really happier when creating rather than consuming. I guess consuming is just easier and, of course, there is the whole compulsive component to consumption too. 

Meanwhile my pictures just keep piling up waiting to be shared with someone. When I started out my goal was to post on my blog at least every other day and I was mostly successful at it for quite some time. Lately, after more than a year falling way, way short, I have lowered my target to once a week. Still not reaching that goal. Perhaps publicly stating that goal will help me achieve it. Once a week. Shooting for Thursdays but any day will do. 


The picture is me tractoring at sunset.