Saturday, January 16, 2010

Outkast and Pimp Hats

Three days in a row this week, I had a song pop randomly into my head. Thursday it was Nick Lowe's "Cruel to be Kind". Yesterday it was, well, I don't remember what it was. Today "The Whole World" by Outkast popped into my head. I knew immediately that I would be listening to a heavy rotation of Outkast tonight. I got home only to discover that I don't have any Outkast on my computer. Something I should have known by the lack of any Outkast on my Phone. But how could this be? Six or seven years ago I had a fair collection of Outkast music.

A little over two years ago my computer crashed and, while most of the data on my hard drive was saved, I lost most of the licenses to my digital music collection. This was before the days of AmazonMP3 and the explosion of license-free (legal) digital downloads so there was little I could do. I set to work rebuilding my collection. I thought had done a good job replacing all my music but somehow Outkast fell through the cracks.

No great deal, I can just download the songs I want. Right? Yes, mostly. From what I can tell, the Outkast catalog is available for download, EXCEPT The Whole World. So I can't, legally, have the one song that I love the most from this group. What is that about?!?

So I will have to settle for the video on Youtube which I will share here for making you read through this.

One final note, after watching this I had to go dig my old blue-felt pimp hat out of the closet and wear it around the house. It was a bit dusty from sitting for a good five or six years but it's still in perfect condition. I think I'll wear it to the Shooter Jennings concert next weekend.

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