Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jacob in Corn Field - Corn Series

Jacob in Corn Field, originally uploaded by thejesse.

This picture was taken in the last field we planted this year.

This also marks my first attempt to blog from my phone via

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  1. Not too bad for a phone blog. Nathan has several shirts like that one.

    We are going to eat some corn on the cob today I suspect. I like it BBq'ed

  2. a return of the 6 months of corn-growth photos!

  3. Josh, I hope you were having "people" corn and not "cow" corn, as Jake calls them.

    Dan, yes, it is that time again. I don't think I'll go with the same format this year. I'll just call it a corn series.

  4. Ahhhh its a child of the corn! LOL Don't stand there taking photos RUNNNNNNN for your life now!

    Sorry Jess I couldn't resist.... ha ha