Friday, June 01, 2007

This is not a good thing - Pivot Series

We have canals here. That is where most of our water comes from. Center Pivot's must cross canals. If a pivot gets out of alignment while crossing a bridge you get this. It can be worse. Sometimes the machine falls down or "crashes" to the ground. Then you have a real mess!

I think this will be the first post in a series.


  1. Ouch!

    The one think I know about pivots. They are not cheap.


  2. Yes, pivots require a significant cash outlay. A replacement for an existing pivot will run around 55 to 60 thousand dollars. However, considering the pictured pivot is around thirty years old and it waters about 120 acres that puts the cost of a new pivot at about 15 to 16 dollars per acre/year. It's not cheap but it's not unreasonable. Thirty years from now 16 dollars an acre will likely seem like chump change.