Friday, December 07, 2007

Random information update.

It has been nearly a month since I posted an eulogy for my Grandfather. Over these past four weeks I have been very surprised by the traffic that entry has driven to this blog. Nearly every day I will get at least one page view of that entry coming from a google search. Some of the common searches include: "just a farmer", "farmers eulogy", "beautiful eulogy", and "battle of Tassafaronga".

I think the most surprising page view I have recieved so far was from a google search for "squirrel pumpkin" on Tuesday. Perhaps even more surprising is that google returns nearly 400,000 results for "squirrel pumpkin". Go figure. Most surprising of all is how far they had to drill down to stumble on a link to my blog. First, I am Dad is on page 30 of the search results. Too bad for them my squirrel-pumpkin picture went missing. I'm still trying to figure out where it went. Posted it via Shozu and it was gone after about a day.

Used shozu to upload a video today. Not sure why it only posted a placeholder/link or why, on my pc at least, it is defaulting to Realplayer to view it. On my phone I view it with Windows Media Player. I've looked on the shozu website to change video uploading options but I can't find anything.

I think I had some other random info in mind but I can't seem to think of it now so I guess I'll wrap things up.

Found this video thanks to the "squirrel pumpkin" search. Enjoy:

Squirrel Devours Pumpkin

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